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Monday, October 27, 2008

View Dad's Memorial Page

One really unique and wonderful thing that the funeral home did for our family was create a video memory of our father for us. I watched it numerous times a day those first few months. Now I watch it every other day, and most times can get through it without crying. Let me know what you think.


tncobrat said...

Lord.. of course I would come across your new set up of blogs..it's 2:15 in the forsaken morning.. I know that if I clicked on that video it'd be waterWORKS, and no work would get done. I'll save that for this weekend. I think the separating of your blogs is a really good idea. Teach me how to do it! <3U2MUCH.

Maven said...

I am sorry for your loss. My dad succumbed on October 24th, a few short days before yours.

I hope as the anniversary date approaches you (and I) are able to put the loss in perspective and begin to heal.

I Stumbled on in here from CLF in Ravelry.